Secret Power of Connection

Therapeutic Touch® Workshops



The Secret Power of Connection Therapeutic Touch® Workshops teach caregivers of all kinds the new skill of Therapeutic Touch®, a way to help anyone to whom you provide hands on care – from nurses and other health care professionals, to holistic practitioners, to hospice volunteers, to teachers learning to manage the energy in the classroom to Moms’ and Dads’ with their families. Therapeutic Touch training ranges from Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, TT Practitioners Program, TT Teachers Training and a range of Beyond the Basics Workshops that are geared toward anyone who does energy work.

Therapeutic Touch enhances care providers’ ability to manage Compassion Fatigue/Burnout, help them to function centered, focused and present to the clients more consistently. Helpful for those in memory care, hospice, therapists and care staff or volunteers in institutional settings and the community.


THERAPEUTIC TOUCH is a non-invasive therapy utilizing near touch and light touch to support and stimulate the body’s own healing processes. TT has been found most effective in symptom management and in promoting quality of life for those with chronic or catastrophic conditions. TT is not a miracle cure and it is not intended to replace appropriate medical care. Yet it does serve as one more tool for care providers. Any interested individual can learn this gentle art of stimulating a person’s natural healing potential. Therapeutic Touch has an ever-expanding research and clinical base (articles and research papers are available) and a growing number of practitioners worldwide (about 200,000) in more than 100 countries.

SOME COMMON USES: Asthma, Confusional states, Palliative Care, Aggressive behaviour, Fractures, Wound healing, Chemical withdrawal, Stress management, Prenatal, Labor and Delivery, Anxiety. Pain control – chronic and acute, Fever reduction, Infants and Children, Neonatal ICU


1. CENTERING The process of quieting and focusing the mind, which allows the practitioner (through heightened awareness) to pick up cues from the client’s energy field.

2. ASSESSMENT The technique of practitioners passing their hands through the client’s energy field to determine areas of imbalance.

3. REBALANCING (a) Clearing. Practitioners passing their hands through the client’s energy field in sweeping motions to disperse congestion. (b) Energy modulation and direction. Practitioner’s method of adjusting the flow of energy of the client’s field until balance is restored.


Therapeutic Touch – Basic/Level One

teaches anyone with the interest and desire to learn, the nuts and bolts of the TT process. The basic workshop provides the learner with a “tool belt” of principles and concepts on which to hook the information and skills learned in the subsequent levels.

Basic Therapeutic Touch Content

I What is Therapeutic Touch Scepticism, Holism, Healing not Curing, Basic Concepts to Consider

II Where Therapeutic Touch Works-Research, Five Effects of Therapeutic Touch Some Uses for Therapeutic Touch

III How Therapeutic Touch Works Taking the Quantum Leap, Assumptions Underlying TT, Detached Caring, Compassion and Intention, The Law of Opposites, Centering and the Relaxation Response

IV Exercises for Experiencing Energy

V The Therapeutic Touch Process Centering, Assessment or Scanning, Treatment (or Rebalancing), and Reassessment, The Concept of Energy in Therapeutic Touch

VI Demonstrations and Practice – The Therapeutic Touch Assessment, Precautions in Therapeutic Touch, Your Treatment Exercise, Doing TT on Yourself, Where You Go From Here

Therapeutic Touch Intermediate Part I/Level II

Intermediate Part I is for those who have done Basic Therapeutic Touch (TT) and provides the participant with the tools – a variety of information and skills – that belong on the TT “tool belt.” Review the information from Basic and build from there by learning to work with a partner. Enhance your ability to modulate energy in the TT rebalancing phase by integrating knowledge of imagery, color and music. All of these skills will be integrated into the TT process through supervised practicum. These topics are some of those covered in this illuminating workshop.

Therapeutic Touch Intermediate Part I/Level II Content

I What is Therapeutic Touch—A Review Holism, Healing not Curing, The Quantum Leap, Assumptions Underlying TT, Basic Concepts, Therapeutic Touch Process, Journaling, Research

II Two-Person Therapeutic Touch

III Imagery

Your Senses as a Resource, Talking Apples and Oranges Exercise: How Do You Perceive? , Body-Centered Imagery

IV Color and Music

Color, Exercise: What Color Means to You Shades of Feeling, Associating Sound, Music

V Exercises and Practicum

Therapeutic Touch Intermediate Part II/Level III

In Therapeutic Touch Intermediate Part II, you will explore the energy field anatomy and chakra complex and the connection with the endocrine and neurological systems, learn how to assess and treat emotional states from an energetic perspective. Grasp some thoughts on reading TT research and experience how TT practitioners access information in assessment without their hands. Supervised practicum allows the integration of all this and more into your TT practice and your life. This is considered Level III TT inCanada.

Therapeutic Touch Intermediate Part II/Level III Content

I The Energy Field Anatomy and the Chakras  - Chakra Locations and Associations, Human Energy Support System First or Root Chakra, Second or Sacral Chakra, Second or Splenic Chakra, Third or Solar Plexus Chakra, Fourth or Heart Chakra, Fifth or Throat Chakra, Sixth or Brow Chakra, Seventh or Crown Chakra, Chakra Meditation

II The Emotional Field Emotional Field Characteristics, Mental Field Interaction, Intuitional Field Interaction, The Colors of Emotions, Repetitive Emotional States, Anxiety, Depression, Anger

III Exercises and Practicum Find the Emotion, Telepathy Exercise, or How to Make Your Own Rock Video, Barrier Exercise, Documenting Patterns, Nonlinear Therapeutic Touch

IV Where Do You Go From Here

Advanced Therapeutic Touch Workshop/Beyond the Basics Intensive in TT

PREREQUISITES: Basic and Intermediate Therapeutic Touch Classes and 1 years practice

This 2 day, primarily experiential, workshop is geared to a deep exploration of your TT Practice. Explore how you perform and learn to articulate every aspect of your TT process. Add knowledge and experience of a range of topics and how they impact your practice and your life. We will include topics such as Intuition, Intention, Spirituality, Compassion, the Energy Field Anatomy and the Chakras, The Role of the Healer, Inner Self, How to answer difficult questions, Legal/Ethical Considerations, Practicum, Practical Applications of TT, Research and much  more.  This knowledge and skill set will move your practice to another level.

Advanced Therapeutic Touch Content

I Why do I want to be a Healer,  The Role of the Healer, How TT has changed my life. Definition of TT

II Energy Field Anatomy and Chakras (Advanced Level)

III Intuition, Intention, Compassion/Passion, Spirituality

IV Connecting with Inner Self, Connecting with Client’s Inner Self

V Clinical/Practical Applications of Therapeutic Touch

VI Your TT Process Centering, Assessment,  Rebalancing, The Exceptional Session,  Practicum

VII Research, Legal Ethical considerations

VIII How to deal with Press and Skeptics

IX Where do we go from here? Visioning for Therapeutic Touch