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Diane May’s workshops span the globe.

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Diane May’s workshops span the globe.

Diane conducts seminars, and speaks regularly in Europe, Australia and all over North America. She currently spends a good part of her time in southern California and is active in the Los Angeles area.

Diane graduated as a Registered Nurse in 1973.She has an extensive background in long-term care administration, functioning as Head Nurse, Director of Nursing, Administrator as well as Management Consultant in the Long-term Care industry. During this time, Diane administered a 650-bed multilevel seniors complex, implementing many innovative programs.

Diane also has worked in Corrections, Psychiatry, and in a private hospital in New Zealand doing Medicine, Surgery and Obstetrics. In the nineties, Diane co-owned and operated a groundbreaking Pain and Stress Management Clinic in Ontario, Canada.

She has been a true entrepreneur since 1984. Besides her experience in Western medicine and in business, Diane has also taken a wide variety of training in holistic practices in the United States and Canada.

Diane is the Past President of the Therapeutic Touch Network (Ontario)Canada, serving on the TTNO Board for over a decade, and the Past President of Therapeutic Touch International, serving for the past 8 years and has been instrumental in the development of curriculum guidelines and Standards of Practice for Therapeutic Touch internationally.

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