Secret Power of Connection

Secret Power of Connection Workshops: Preparing Practitioners for more satisfaction.

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Practitioners  have become more ready to look at what they can do to make their lives more satisfying while becoming more effective in their sessions and  their practice.

I suggest adding The Secret Power of Connection- Therapeutic Touch, Holistic Practitioner, Business, and Life Empowerment Workshops. If you are ready to take action and choose to take charge of your life, I can offer you workshops, programs and resources specifically geared to your needs.

Learn more about the practice of Cooperative (Spiritual) Capitalism and the ripple effect of connection in growing your business, learning to enhance holistic practices (Therapeutic Touch and others), developing new skills personally and allowing the flow in your life from the original renewable resource—yourself in balance.

What would make your life more meaningful, more prosperous, more peaceful?

The Secret Power of Connection Therapeutic Touch Workshops teach caregivers of all kinds the new skill of Therapeutic Touch, a way to help anyone to whom you provide hands on care – from nurses and other health care professionals, to holistic practitioners, to hospice volunteers, to teachers learning to manage the energy in the classroom to Moms’ and Dads’ with their families. Therapeutic Touch training ranges from Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, TT Practitioners Program, TT Teachers Training and a range of Beyond the Basics Workshops that are geared toward anyone who does energy work.

The Secret Power of Connection Holistic Practitioners Program is geared toward people practicing any holistic modality. Learn a range of additional skills designed to support your primary holistic practice.I invite you to read for more details, or contact me with your specific quesitons.

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