Secret Power of Connection

The Secret Power of Connection For Business Owners

The Secret Power of Connection Business Education and Training Seminars are designed for small business owners, sales people, accountants, lawyers, financial and insurance professionals and any business people and solo-preneurs who struggle with developing relationships with their clients.

Learn to develop instant rapport, learn techniques to manage anxiety which interferes with your ability to present yourself and your business effectively, learn to make cold calls and follow up calls, feeling a connection to whomever you are contacting- face to face, on the telephone or by email.

Reconnect with the reasons you first started in your business and what you love about it. Learn about the concepts of Spiritual/Cooperative Capitalism and how that the first commandment of the growing cooperative capitalism movement is: Taking care of business means taking care of others.

Developing business relationships can grow your business.

Workshops can be customized to include:

How to Manage Anxiety and Get Out of Your Own Way

How to Create Instant Rapport

Rediscover the Passion for Your Business

Enhancing Client Relationships

Connecting with an Audience

Intuition in Business

Secret Power of Connection: The Soft Sell

Spirituality in Business – Making Money, Doing Good

The Power of Intention in Business