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4 Simple Steps to Managing Anxiety

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4 Simple Steps to Managing Anxiety

Diane May’s Secret Power of Connection guides to  mastery over anxious moments.

 Whenever you feel anxious or any other negative emotion, repeat these four simple steps as many times and as often as you like. Each time you practice this technique, calmness will occur more easily and quickly.

1. Stop whatever you are currently doing.

2. Find a comfortable position and close your eyes if you wish.

3. Take a slow deep breath in… and out… and pause… Repeat at least 10 times.

4. Notice how you feel now and be aware of the difference.

This exercise trains your brain in the process of relaxation and the more you practice, it provides you with a way of centering or quieting your emotions and body. After a while, just one breath and this centered state will give you a split second to consciously respond to difficult circumstances in the way that you choose, rather than just reacting.

Learn to get out of your own way by managing anxiety.

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