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Reviewer takes note of Diane May’s Handbook Series.

Praise For The Therapeutic Touch Handbook Series

From Therapeutic Touch cofounder Dolores Krieger PhD, RN:

“Using her irrepressible sense of humor to bolster the courage of the first-time learner, Diane May makes learning both painless and a lot of fun.”

“Diane May, RN. writes from an impressive background of professional accomplishments and clinical expertise in both allopathic medical settings and alternative healing modalities. Because of this wide spectrum of active practice, Diane brings to this book a unique combination of a healthy sense of self and a pragmatic yet creative and individual interpretation of Therapeutic Touch (TT).

As she takes the reader into her workshops, she imparts a sense of real-time involvement in the assumption of the role of healer in the practice of Therapeutic Touch. Although TT seems simple to the casual observer, in actuality this therapeutic, often nonphysical intervention can have considerable depth.

Diane uses her considerable enthusiasm for TT and her irrepressible sense of humor to bolster the courage of the first-time learner. This she does with skilfulness in free-form teaching that is always supportive of the readers’ first compassionate attempts to help others in need as they, themselves, would like to be helped.

As a good teacher, Diane thoughtfully anticipates the difficult spots in the learning process and competently smoothes the way, making learning both painless and a lot of fun!“

— Dolores Krieger, Ph.D., RN

Author of Therapeutic Touch As Transpersonal Healing: 

Advanced Practice and Teaching Strategies;

New York: Lantern Books, 2002