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NEW – Diane May’s Therapeutic Touch Distance Practitioners Program 2015-2016

Diane May’s Therapeutic Touch

Distance Practitioners Program 2015-2016

Facilitator: Diane May RN  

Study with the author of the popular Therapeutic Touch Handbook Series from the comfort of your home (pajamas and fuzzy socks encouraged), as Diane May presents the updated version of her successful year-long TT Practitioners Program. August 20, 2015 through April 15, 2016.

Program Description

PREREQUISITE: Completion of Therapeutic Touch Level III or Intermediate (From a Krieger/Kunz Instructor)

Comprehensive and international, this Advanced Practice Therapeutic Touch Program builds confidence and skill, and is concerned with personal growth, intuition, self-awareness, self-reflection, the business of healing and the development of a compassionate healing attitude toward others, and just as importantly, toward oneself. The curriculum is presented via monthly online sessions (1.5 to 2 hours teleconferencing or on Skype), some individual sessions, and five days of in-person, face-to-face workshop sessions with Diane (conducted in Southern California). The monthly home study component will engage you in case studies, independent research and reading, and class projects. Spend this time immersed in the study of TT and learn an immeasurable amount about not only your practice, but about the most fascinating topic of all—YOU! Upon completion of this challenging program, practitioners will exhibit a greater sense of integration with the art and evidence-based practice of TT as well as how living Therapeutic Touch can transform your life. Take advantage of this opportunity—registration is limited. This program can be used as the Mentorship portion of the QTTP process in the United States and internationally, for achieving or maintaining RT status in Canada, or simply as a way for experienced practitioners to move their practice to the next level.

Course Content

Self-Assessment Review of TT, Journaling, In Depth Case Studies (21 to be completed) 

Energy Field Anatomy and ChakrasBasic Anatomy & Physiology, Exploring Your TT Process, 

Healing as a Lifestyle/The Role of the Healer, Intention, TT and Palliative Care

Creativity, Compassion as Healer, Focusing & Listening Skills, Practical Applications of TT 

Intuition & Assessment, Inner Self as a Resourcein Healing & in Life, Self ReflectionLooking Within

Imagery & WellnessThe Partnership, TT Research, Creating and Interpreting Personal Mandalas 

Spirituality, Self Care, Legal & Ethical Issues re: TT, Setting up and Marketing a TT Practice

And much more


General Information


  • All handouts and other home study materials (provided via email)

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Individual sessions with Diane during the Distance Program


Texts and Resources – prices in US funds

1. The Therapeutic Touch Handbook: Level One-Basic by Diane May RN ($16.00)

2. The Therapeutic Touch Handbook: Levels Two and Three-Intermediate by Diane May RN ($23.50)

3. The Therapeutic Touch Handbook: Advanced Practice by Diane May RN ($30.00)

4. Human Anatomy Colouring Book by Margaret Matt (about $5.00)

5. CD “Selected Meditations and Exercises” written and performed by Diane May RN for The Therapeutic Touch Handbook: Level One-Basic and Levels Two and Three-Intermediate ($15.00)

6. CD “Selected Meditations and Exercises” written and performed by Diane May RN for The Therapeutic Touch Handbook: Advanced Practice ($15.00)

7. Video of “The Burning Times” directed by Donna Read (can be downloaded from the National Film Board of Canada’s website for under $5)


Also not included in program fees are the individual’s travel and meals and accommodation for the five days in Southern California, April 11 through 15, 2015.


DATES: One Thursday of each month, starting August 20, 2014:

Sept. 10/15, Oct. 1/15, Nov. 12/15, Dec. 10/15, Jan. 7/16, Feb. 11/16, Mar. 10/16.

The five face-to-face workshops in Redlands CA US April 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 2016


LOCATION & TIME:         online (specific info to be provided prior to first session)




COST OF PROGRAM:               $1,900.00 (US)

Deposit for Registration:                        $375.00 (US)

Balance:                                                 $1,525.00 (US) if paid in full by September 15, 2015


Or, two other options for payment after the initial deposit:


1. Four installments of $395.00 (US)

- Due September 30, 2015      

 - Due November 30, 2015    

 - Due January 31, 2016    

 - Due March 31, 2016



2. Seven installments of $233.00 (US)

- Due the last day of the month

September, October, November, December, (2015) January, February, March (2016)

For more information contact Diane.