Secret Power of Connection

Holistic Practitioner Workshops

The Secret Power of Connection Holistic Practitioners Workshops and Program increase your ability develop the centered focus you need to build a more prosperous Holistic Businessbuild confidence, develop skills, cause personal growth, expand intuition, tap your inner wisdom, gain self-awareness.

Life Empowerment Workshops

The Secret Power of Connection Life Empowerment Workshops are geared to anyone whose life is not exactly what they envisioned it could be, and whose curiosity creates a desire to explore new possibilities. Learn to connect with your own inner wisdom and the small voice within that will never steer you off course if  you listen and trust what you hear.

Business Education Workshops

The Secret Power of Connection Business Education and Training Seminars are designed for small business owners, sales people, accountants, lawyers, financial and insurance professionals and any business people and solo-preneurs who struggle with developing relationships with their clients. Learn to develop the instant rapport that creates better connections to grow your business.

Custom Training in Therapeutic Touch & More

Diane May is the Past President of Therapeutic Touch International and Therapeutic Touch Network (Ontario) Canada, and served on the TTNO Board. She has developed and facilitated programs to more than 60,000 participants internationally. Based in Los Angeles, California, Diane May teaches worldwide, most recently in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Germany and the Netherlands.

"Connecting you naturally and powerfully to your own inner wisdom."

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